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China mobile has reached an agreement with apple, the iPhone will be formally landing in mobile network, is expected to sale on the 18th of this month. Previous talk that China mobile has already started to accept the iPhone purchase in advance orders.

Before nearly 700 million users, China mobile's has always been the introduction of the iPhone in negotiations with apple, but revenue sharing differences on the two sides failed to unity.

China mobile in 3 g era development, 3 g users only one 5 of the total number of users, unicom and telecom this ratio are higher than it. In the era of 4 g will be here soon, mobile intention to seize this opportunity, in the high-end market advantage again.

For apple, teamed up with China mobile means that a lot of revenue. After cooperation with Japan's biggest operator Docomo, before apple's smartphone market in Japan has obtained the overwhelming, October the iPhone in the Japanese market sell smartphones accounted for as high as 76%.


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